Yiwu Massage: What to expect from Massage in Yiwu?

Oct 07, 2023 Chapter 1. Sourcing

Where to go for a Yiwu massage?

The front desk of almost every hotel will tell you where you can get a massage. As long as they speak English or you speak Chinese. So, just ask.

In fact, many massage parlors are located next to or within hotels. Some 3 star above Yiwu hotels with massage centers. Hotel massage parlors are usually more expensive than outside massage parlors, but are generally safe.



How Much Does a Massage Cost in Yiwu?

A massage can provide relief from the fatigue of a long day. Yiwu offers numerous massage salons and spa hotels, with the cost of a basic foot massage typically ranging from 130-500RMB ($20-$100) in 2023.

Spa hotels tend to charge higher prices due to the luxurious treatments they offer to their guests. It’s advisable to make reservations in advance and inquire about the rates for various massage services they provide.




Top 8 Must-Visit Yiwu Massage Spots


yiwu massage


In Yiwu, massage services are in abundance, offering a relaxing escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life. The massage industry is thriving in the city, with numerous options to choose from.


The 10 Best Spa Hotels in Yiwu, China


Yiwu boasts a multitude of large massage establishments across different districts, each providing a comprehensive range of massage services. Here are the top spa shops and hotel spas in Yiwu known for their exceptional massage services:



Yiwu Sunny Lotus

Established in 1998, Sunny Lotus has garnered a reputation in Yiwu for its exceptional technician skills. They offer a serene ambiance for massage services, complete with a personal movie theater.

Since 2008, Sunny Lotus has focused on sub-health care services, becoming a renowned health chain institution in Zhejiang Province. Currently, Sunny Lotus has 7 outlets in Yiwu, with its main store located on Chengdian Road.

All technicians at Sunny Lotus undergo professional training and certification, ensuring the highest quality of service. They offer various Chinese massage techniques, including oil SPA, full-body massage, foot baths, meridian scraping, and cupping.

A spa treatment at Sunny Lotus Yiwu will help you relax, rejuvenate, and alleviate stress. Prices start at 209 yuan, with normal massages priced at 179 yuan and full-set massage services at 319 yuan.

To experience Sunny Lotus’s services, check their Meituan.com or Dianping.com profiles for technician ratings. Upon arrival at the store, you can request your preferred technician.

SPA Shop Information:

    • Main Store, Chengdian Road: +86 579 8548 4151
    • Financial Town Store: +86 579 8345 6888
    • Yihe Store: +86 579 83451777
    • Beiyuan Store: +86 579 8345 1666
    • Wanda Yueran Store: +86 579 8358 6555
    • Changchun Store: +86 579 8506 1333



Yiwu Mingyuan Health Management

Mingyuan Health Management combines foot massage, massage, and spa services, making it a preferred relaxation spot for many businesspeople. Founded in 2011, it focuses on Chinese medicine health care and preservation services.

Mingyuan Health Management operates three stores in Yiwu, each offering massages starting at 171 yuan. They specialize in foot baths, massages, and spa treatments, providing single, double, or multiple seating options.

Their unique feature is the moxa-wool moxibustion lamp, targeting specific body parts to alleviate rheumatic and arthritic ailments.

SPA Shop Information:

    • Danbei Store: 0579-85496666
    • Futian Store: 0579-85493333
    • Binwang Commercial Zone Store: 0579-85250222



Thai Inshore Spa

Thai Inshore Spa is a professional Thai massage and health establishment with a presence in various Chinese cities, including Yiwu’s Binwang Commercial Zone. They offer five types of massage services, including Chinese, SPA, naturopathic medicine, and Thai massage.

A standout feature is their authentic Thai massage service, priced at 348 yuan for a comprehensive experience. Customers praise the shop’s pleasant environment and skilled technicians.

SPA Shop Information:

    • Address: No. 42, 7th Street, Binwang Commercial Zone, Yiwu City
    • Telephone: 0579-89888880



Yiwu Solus Coolbaby

Solus Coolbaby is a renowned spa and treatment center in Yiwu, offering foot therapy, massages, aroma spas, and various spa services. Their service begins with assistance in parking for customers arriving by car.

The establishment features home-theater equipment in every room, including audio and projectors. Additionally, they offer food and tea services, ensuring a holistic relaxation experience.


SPA Shop Information:

    • Jingfa Store: No. 232, Jingfa Avenue
    • Beiyuan Store: No. 155 Wangdao Road
    • Telephone: +86 579 8635 0999 (Jingfa Store), +86 579 83810999 (Beiyuan Store)




Jing Xiu Hui Massage Club in Yiwu

Jing Xiu Hui is a prominent massage club in Yiwu, offering various massage services, including foot massage, SPA, sauna, Thai massage, and more. Their one-to-one scrub and sauna service is particularly popular, starting at just 98 yuan for an individual.

SPA Shop Information:

    • Binwang Commercial Zone Store: No. 99, 7th Street
    • Beicun Store: No. 123, Beicun Road
    • Telephone: 0579-85500808 (Binwang Commercial Zone Store), 0579-85138080 (Beicun Store)



Shangri La SPA Hotel in Yiwu

Shangri La SPA specializes in Chinese-style SPA and massage services, with a unique offering called Shangri La Qi SPA. Based on the concept of the five elements, they provide therapies designed to harmonize Yin and Yang energy.

The Qi SPA features private care suites where guests can enjoy personalized massages, facials, body wraps, and more.

SPA Shop Information:

    • Address: Room 701, No. 6-8, Futian Road
    • Telephone: 0579-81518899



Fannlsi SPA

Fannlsi is a comprehensive health and wellness establishment in Yiwu, founded in 2008. They offer massage services, foot baths, Chinese medicine therapy, SPA treatments, ear picking, and more.

Fannlsi has over 10 stores in China, including two in Yiwu (Beicun Store and Futian Store).

SPA Shop Information:

    • Beicun Store: No. 222, Jingfa Avenue
    • Futian Store: No. 770, Workers North Road
    • Telephone: 0579-83805688 (Beicun Store), 0579-83809566 (Futian Store)



Qing Yun Long Hai

Qing Yun Long Hai is a well-known foot treatment and SPA shop in Yiwu. Their massage therapists are highly skilled, ensuring a wonderful experience for every guest. They offer a range of treatments and can customize services to meet individual preferences.

Basic foot massages start at 99 yuan, while full-set massages and basic SPA treatments are priced at 339 yuan and 389 yuan, respectively.

SPA Shop Information:

    • Address: No. 1068, North Gongren Road
    • Telephone





Exploring the Diversity of China Massage


‘Tui Na’ (Chinese Massage): Originating in coastal China over three thousand years ago, Tui Na employs gentle strokes, movements, and stretching to promote relaxation and blood circulation. It addresses stress, fatigue, pain, and muscle tightness.


‘Zhi Ya’ (Acupressure): A traditional Chinese medicine technique from Fujian province, Zhi Ya focuses on acupoints to relieve fatigue and pain, improve overall health, and prevent various ailments.


Chinese Foot Massage: With a history spanning over 3,000 years, foot massage helps break down toxins, improve lower limb blood circulation, and stimulate reflex areas to benefit corresponding tissues and organs.

yiwu massage


Cupping Therapy: Originating in ancient China, cupping treats various conditions, including toothaches, skin diseases, and colds. It involves using cups to create suction on the skin to boost circulation and alleviate pain.

yiwu cupping massage


Gua Sha Treatment (Scraping Therapy): This natural therapy involves skin scraping to improve circulation, relieve pain, and address issues like chronic pain and muscle tension.


High Wire Foot Kidney Treatment: Popular for treating kidney disease, acupuncture is utilized to promote healthy chi circulation and prevent blockages, benefiting overall health.


Blind Person Traditional Chinese Massage: Practiced by visually impaired masseurs, this form of massage incorporates various techniques like cupping, rolling, and pressing to address specific issues.


European Meridian Detox: Effective in eliminating toxins and excess weight, this detox massage has a high success rate and offers numerous health benefits.


Thai Massage: Similar to traditional Chinese medicine, Thai massage uses pressure, kneading, and stretching to address injuries and chronic pain.


Swedish Massage: Introduced to Yiwu by Swedish doctors, this massage technique relaxes muscles, reduces stress, and improves flexibility, benefiting overall well-being.




What Are the Taboos for Yiwu Massage?

Here are some things to note when trying a Yiwu massage:

  • Choose the right massage type and pressure (light, medium, heavy)
  • Don’t eat too much before your massage treatment
  • Don’t go looking for an informal massage experience on your own
  • Check online review
  • The best advice is to ask for recommendations from the Yiwu agent companies you work with.



What to Expect from Massage in Yiwu?

In fact, Yiwu is a place with very strict legal system and its public security is very good. Even if you hang out all night, there won’t be any danger. But when you want to get some gray massage services, it can be a little difficult to find them yourself.


In China, hot girl massage and sex are usually very close. For privacy and safety, it’s best not to put your hands on a hot girl massage (unless you really want sex rather than a massage, or both).


The other is blind massage, which is usually a professional massage parlor run by blind people. If you just need a massage and nothing else, ask the hotel about blind massage.

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