Where to Buy Wholesale Products to Sell on Amazon?

Apr 23, 2024 Chapter 1. Sourcing

Product sourcing decisions are pivotal for both new Amazon FBA sellers and experienced ones. As highlighted in the article “Amazon FBA Product Sourcing in 2024: Yay or Nay!,” your relationship with suppliers will play a significant role in your 2024 success.

You should view these suppliers as essential business partners because your ability to achieve greatness hinges on their consistent provision of high-quality, cost-effective products.


The question of where to source these products is paramount. Many sellers have been steadfastly loyal to Alibaba suppliers, and they may be hesitant to explore alternative sourcing platforms.

However, it’s important to consider the downside of such exclusivity. When you rely solely on Alibaba, you risk dealing with suppliers who may also provide identical products to your Amazon competitors.


This not only leads to product repetition but also places your suppliers in a uniquely powerful position, where they can sell your customized products to other Amazon sellers. In the world of business, innovation and product diversification are keys to success.

You must continuously offer high-quality products with variations, working closely with manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters to present something new to your Amazon customers; otherwise, your success may be fleeting. Just as easily as you inflate with profits, you could deflate with losses in no time.


With these considerations in mind, we’ve compiled a comprehensive guide to product sourcing for both novice and seasoned sellers. This guide aims to serve as an encyclopedia of valuable insights to aid you in your decision-making.


Objectives: When it comes to sourcing products for Amazon, there are several essential objectives to keep in mind. As an Amazon seller, you should seek:

  1. The lowest possible price for a product without compromising quality.
  2. Timely delivery to your warehouse.
  3. Direct contact with manufacturers to eliminate intermediaries.
  4. Suppliers who understand your language, facilitating modifications.




Where to Buy Wholesale Products to Sell on Amazon?

There are numerous channels available for sourcing products. In this guide, we will focus on the first option and provide you with options to explore.



If you already have established suppliers, consider cross-referencing your product offerings with these platforms. Engage with multiple suppliers and conduct thorough due diligence.

Here’s a list of platforms to explore:



A Chinese-language version of Alibaba offering domestic B2B trade, providing opportunities to interact with manufacturers directly.



A amazon sourcing agency based in Yiwu, China, which selects top Chinese manufacturers, especially those producing OEM products for global brands.



A Hong Kong-based B2B marketplace with well-vetted suppliers and a presence in exhibitions and trade shows.



An old B2B platform operating since 1996, known for an easy interface and strong supplier connections.



A wholesale B2B e-commerce site with a unique payment handling system to ensure safe transactions.



A B2B marketplace based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, connecting buyers, wholesalers, manufacturers, and distributors worldwide.



Focusing on providing e-Sourcing Solutions to Small and Medium Enterprises, particularly from Taiwan and China.



A Czech-based company offering a wide range of products.



Works closely with famous Chinese brands and offers various shopping options with warehouses in multiple countries.



An online retailer with a broad product range.



A Korean B2B marketplace connecting buyers with suppliers from around the world.



A wholesale supplier directory with information on selling and competition statistics.



A product sourcing research company with a focus on small to medium-sized retailers and online merchants.



A leading B2B directory of wholesale suppliers and products.



A Chinese B2B global trading platform with a vast product catalog.



Focusing on electronics, tech, and high-tech goods.



A global B2B website offering various services, including logistics.



A Chinese directory with advanced search capabilities.



Offering online and offline trade-related services for SMEs.



Specializing in heavy machinery and industrial equipment.



Providing supplier evaluation services and emphasizing long-term trade relationships.



Focused on drop-shipping and allowing you to keep the price difference.



A marketplace connecting certified manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters from China and Hong Kong.



A dropshipping platform that allows selling products online without the need for warehousing.



An online platform for manufacturers to find and work with local partners worldwide.



A B2B platform for businesses in Africa and beyond.



An international wholesale trading platform for various products.



Offering products at discounted prices.



Focused on low prices and offering online ordering or in-store pickup.



A major e-commerce competitor in China.



A leading B2B website for domestic trade in China.


B2B Manufacturers.com.tw:

Specializing in Taiwanese and Chinese manufacturers.



An online platform for China Yiwu Commodity Markets.



A global database of manufacturers, particularly useful for finding electronic components.



A simple search engine for factory discovery.



A global B2B marketplace with a focus on underserved markets.



An international B2B marketplace.


Hong Kong Trade Development Council:

Operated by the Hong Kong government to connect international buyers with Hong Kong-based companies.


B2B China Sources:

Connecting buyers with manufacturers in Taiwan and mainland China.


Maker’s Row:

A database of American manufacturers and product-based businesses.



Focused on contract manufacturing and machine space rental.


Thomas Net.com:

A database that includes Mexico and Canada, focusing on US-based suppliers.





Amazon FBA is a go-to resource for online sellers, offering a vast and expanding catalog and exceptional customer service.

Whether you’re seeking new products to sell or looking to expand your current offerings, Amazon FBA is worth considering. In addition to the platforms mentioned, many other Amazon FBA services can help source products and grow your business.

We recommend exploring these services as they can simplify and enhance your experience of selling on Amazon. Have you tried sourcing products through Amazon FBA? Share your experiences in the comments.

This Amazon FBA Product Sourcing guide should set you on the right path.

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