Yiwu Warehouse

Yiwu Warehouse

We Not Even Only Handle Sourcing from Yiwu Market,

Also Assist With International Transport and 3PL Prep Yiwu Warehouse Services

Shipping from China Solutions

No matter your shipping challenge, we have a solution for you. We provide reliable, cost-effective, easy global logistics services to the importer with unique shipping needs.

E-commerce Fulfillment

Our Yiwu warehouse offering a comprehensive range of FBA Prep or E-commerce fulfillment procedures ensures safe delivery for you at very competitive rates. This includes inspection, Amazon Prep, labeling, bundling, packaging and all other customized services.

Short & long-term storage

We offer flexible short & long-term storage plans and competitive prices in Yiwu to fit your space and time-line requirements.

Choose the Right Warehouse in Yiwu Service Partner


If you are looking for warehousing service in China, first you need to know which type of China custom warehouse in Yiwu partner you need. You can use the following form to make a selection:

Type Storage Consolation Prep Inventory control Best for

Fulfillment center

Drop shipping

Freight Forwarder

× × Short storage


× multi-vendor consolation

Big warehouse spare

√  × ×  ×   Cheap, big volume
Yiwu Warehouse

Yiwu Warehouse: The Ultimate FAQs Guide


If you are importing from Yiwu, you will definitely need a Yiwu warehouse to store your imported goods before shipping from China.

That’s why this guide will answer all the questions you’ve been asking about Yiwu warehouses.

From exact location, service, shipping options and security, among other key aspects.

Read on to learn more.


Where is Yiwu warehouse?

The Yiwu warehouse is located in Yiwu City, Zhejiang Province, China. Zhejiang is 284 kilometers (176 miles) from Shanghai and 939 kilometers (583 miles) from Guangzhou. Yiwu is considered the largest wholesale market in the world, with an almost unimaginable scale of products.



What are the advantages of Yiwu warehouse?

Some of the advantages of China warehouse in Yiwu services include:

Centralized Storage

Yiwu Warehouse helps you store all your goods centrally.

Improve Product Processing

Warehouses help you improve your processing.

You can process customer orders faster and more efficiently.

Fast and efficient service builds your reputation and in turn increases your client base.

Additional Storage Space

Yiwu warehouse provides you with extra storage space. Extra storage during your peak season, when production and/or demand for your merchandise increases exponentially.

Quality Warehouse Management

The warehouse management of Yiwu warehouse is different. The quality of your production will increase thanks to this efficient storage management.

Reduce Risk

The Yiwu warehouse minimizes the risk as your products are safe from fire, damage and theft. This is because warehouses implement special risk management mechanisms.

Fulfillment Service

You can also use the Yiwu warehouse as a fulfillment center. A fulfillment center is a physical location where a fulfillment provider fulfills customer orders for an online or e-commerce retailer.

Fulfillment centers help in efficiently dispatching products to meet customer demand.

Product Packaging

Yiwu Warehouse has developed packaging types that minimize damage to goods and help manage warehouse space.



How do I Find the Best Warehouse in Yiwu?


First, you need to evaluate the warehouse location.

Your warehouse should be located in a convenient location with easy access to road, rail, air and seaports.

Then, you should assess whether the warehouse has enough space for your goods.

The handling equipment in the warehouse is also an important consideration.

You must assess whether the warehouse has sufficient machinery and equipment to load and unload goods.

If your product is perishable, it is important to evaluate whether the warehouse has the facilities to handle perishable goods.

Refrigerators and other preservation equipment reduce waste and prevent product loss.

Additionally, you must evaluate whether the warehouse has systems in place to protect your goods from environmental elements.

You must ensure that the warehouse has enough parking spaces.

Space is very important to ensure efficient handling of your goods.

Also, you must ensure that the warehouse provides 24-hour security to protect your goods.

Warehouses must also be equipped with fire protection systems in case of fire.