White Label Dropshipping: Find Private Label Drop Ship Suppliers?

Mar 22, 2024 Chapter 1. Sourcing

What is White Label Dropshipping

White label dropshipping is a business model where a manufacturer or wholesaler produces generic products, which are then sold by retailers under their own brand name.

In the context of dropshipping, the retailer (the dropshipper) doesn’t hold inventory but instead forwards customer orders and shipment details to the manufacturer or wholesaler, who then directly ships the products to the customer.

In this arrangement, the retailer essentially acts as a middleman, handling the marketing, customer service, and order management, while the manufacturer or wholesaler takes care of the product creation, packaging, and shipping.



Why Do You Need White Label Dropshipping?

White label dropshipping allows retailers to offer a wide range of products without the need for manufacturing or storing inventory, reducing upfront costs and risks associated with traditional retail models. It also provides flexibility in branding and customization, as retailers can add their own logos, labels, and packaging to the products, creating a unique brand identity.

However, retailers must carefully select reliable suppliers to ensure product quality and timely delivery to maintain customer satisfaction and reputation.


new Generation China Dropshippers Model




Private Label Drop Ship vs. White Label Dropshipping:


private label drop ship

Both private label dropshipping and white label dropshipping let you sell products without holding inventory, but they differ in terms of customization and investment. Here’s a head-to-head breakdown:


  • Private Label: You have more control. You can design a custom product with your branding, packaging, and features. Imagine selling unique phone cases with your logo.
  • White Label: Less control. You sell existing generic products, potentially with the supplier’s branding or with no branding at all. You might then add your own sticker with your logo.



  • Private Label: Typically requires a higher upfront investment. You might need to pay for minimum order quantities or product development costs.
  • White Label: Lower upfront investment. You’re selling existing products, so there’s less initial cost.


Profit Margins

  • Private Label: Potentially higher profit margins. You control pricing and branding, allowing for premium positioning.
  • White Label: Profit margins can be lower. You’re competing with others selling the same product, potentially leading to price wars.


Lead Time

  • Private Label: Can have a longer lead time. Product development and manufacturing take time.
  • White Label: Typically has a shorter lead time. You’re selling existing products already in stock.


Choosing the Right Option

  • Private Label: Ideal if you want a unique product with your branding and are willing to invest more upfront for potentially higher profits. This is good for those with a clear vision for a product and its target audience.
  • White Label: Perfect if you want to get started quickly with a lower upfront investment. This is suitable for those comfortable selling existing products with potentially lower margins or who want to test different products before committing to a private label.





20 White Label Dropshipping Suppliers:


Here are 20 well-regarded White Label Dropshipping Suppliers that cater to a variety of product categories:


Supplier Name Product Categories Services


General product sourcing company


General merchandise, apparel, electronics, homeware Large directory of vetted dropshipping suppliers, data and analytics tools


General merchandise, apparel, electronics, homeware Comprehensive directory of dropshipping suppliers, data and analytics tools


General merchandise, clothing, accessories, electronics, homeware Integrates with major ecommerce platforms, wide variety of products


Fashion apparel, accessories Wide variety of suppliers from around the world

Wholesale Central

Toys, electronics, home goods, clothing Large selection of general merchandise


Clothing, accessories, home goods, stationery Customize a wide range of products


Clothing, accessories, home goods, stationery Similar product offering to Printful


Clothing, accessories, home goods, stationery Fast turnaround times, low minimum order quantities


Clothing, accessories, home goods, stationery Integrates with major ecommerce platforms


Clothing, accessories, home goods, stationery Sell your own designs on a variety of products

Wayfair Wholesale

Home goods, furniture Dropshipping program for qualified businesses

Home Depot Direct

Home improvement products Dropshipping program


Home goods, furniture Dropshipping program

World Market

Unique home decor items Dropshipping program

Private Label Supplement

Vitamins, supplements, health and wellness products Custom-labeled products

Nutricap Labs

Health and wellness products Customizable products, including capsules, powders, liquids

My Supplement Store

Supplements, sports nutrition products, beauty items White-labeled products

Print Aura

Phone cases, drinkware, tech accessories Wide range of POD products

Book Bolt

Books Large selection of titles from various genres

Gummy King

Custom-shaped gummy candies Perfect for promotional purposes or private labeling





Sourcing from China for White Label Dropshipping

White label dropshipping is a business model where you sell products under your own brand but the supplier handles the manufacturing, inventory, and shipping.

This model has gained popularity among e-commerce entrepreneurs due to its low startup costs, scalability, and wide product selection.

China, with its robust manufacturing capabilities and competitive pricing, has become a prime sourcing destination for white label dropshipping products.

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