DDP Shipping Best Shipping from China to Saudi Arabia

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Best Shipping from China to Saudi Arabia

Do you want to find the best shipping from China to Saudi Arabia ways? Supplyia focus on Best Shipping from China to Saudi Arabia – Middle East freight for more than ten years and use our unique advantages and resource integration to provide you with special dedicated shipping services.

Due to Saudi Arabia’s complicated customs and high cost of taxes and fees, our company can act as an agent for customs clearance, saving you time, worry, effort and money.



DDP Service to The Middle East 

The Advantage of DDP Shipping from China to the Middle East(UAE, Dubai, Iran, Saudi Arabia)

  1. Low price

  2. Including Duty

  3. Door to Door delivery

  4. Fast customs clearance

  5. Reduces export procedures

  6. Not require commodity inspection


Best Shipping from China to Saudi Arabia Time:

Generally, The shipping time from China to Iran is generally about 15-18 days, the shipping time to Bahrain is generally 17-24 days, the shipping to UAE and Oman is about 14 days, the shipping to Saudi Arabia is about 16 days, and the shipping to Qatar takes 14 days. Left and right, the time limit varies depending on the location.


DDP the Middle East shipping route:

 Middle East Jordan, Dubai, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Iran


DDP the Middle East shipping category:

Sensitive goods, dangerous goods, mobile phone battery, portable power supply, camera battery, car starter power supply, superpower battery, Perfume, essential oil, mask, foundation, nail polish, lip gloss, e-cigarette.




Importer’s Guide for Finding Best Shipping from China to Saudi Arabia Checklist

Freight is complicated. So most small businesses avoid importing or exporting. But it
doesn’t need to be. Ready to up your business? Start importing with this easy checklist



Make sure goods are tightly and carefully packed. This saves on cost and prevents cargo getting destroyed along the way. Smaller packaging also means lower freight costs.


They regulate where you assume shipping responsibility from the seller, as per the sales contract. For example, FOB means you take control after loading on the ship or plane while EXW means you coordinate shipping directly from their warehouse.

Cargo Insurance

Insist on comprehensive cargo insurance. Most carrier liability only covers a small percent of your cargo’s value … and ship does happen.


Have you supplier send you a copy of the Commercial Invoice and Packing List. These documents contain some of the information you will need when requesting quotes.


Come prepared with the origin, destination, import mode, size of goods, value, and other core details to both make requesting the quote easier, and confine communications.


Decide which forwarders to request quotes from, based on referrals or past experience


Request quotes (or use Alibaba Freight to instantly compare quotes).


Make sure they got it right on the quote. For example, some forwarders have a tendency to forget trucking on either side, or might forget customs.


Accepting a quote is almost as simple as it sounds but don’t choose solely on price!


Congratulations. Time to send documentation (SLI, etc) to your new forwarder.

Next Steps

Your shipment is now booked … but your shipment is just starting.




Best Shipping from China to Saudi Arabia

Many customers think that a DDP shipping from China to Saudi or Middle East countries when importing from China is the best shipping way.  Let’s take a look at the Saudi DDP shipping ways. 


The following items are prohibited to import from China to Saudi Arabia:

Watches with video or camera functions, alcoholic beverages, antiques, asbestos and asbestos products, fur animal feathers, gambling equipment, jewelry, precious metals or stones, soil samples, pornographic objects, pork products, munitions and their imitations Goods, military uniforms, items with Saudi coat of arms, pictures about Mecca and Medina, Koran or other religious books, pictures about the Saudi royal family, e-cigarettes and accessories, the country of origin or manufacturer is Israel All items, laser pointers, and all items that contradict Muslim or Saudi culture, etc.


List of documents required for customs clearance of Shipping from China to Saudi Arabia:


  1. Commercial invoice

  2. Certificate of origin

  3. Bill of Lading 

  4. Ship (air) waybill 

  5. Insurance certificate 

For some special goods, or there are provisions in the letter of credit, additional documents may be required.


Which products will be compulsory for SASO certification when import from China to Saudi Arabia?


  1. For customs clearance, COC is mandatory, and the goods without a certificate will be rejected ship to the destination

  2. All products must comply with Saudi Arabia’s national technical regulations or relevant IEC international standards

  3. All commodity products exported to Saudi Arabia are designated as regulated products:

Household appliances, kitchen power tools, perfumes, cosmetics, jewellery and all motor vehicles and their accessories and all building materials, including paints, paints and other products


No need to make SASO products: medical equipment, medical products, food, military products.


Precautions for customs clearance of dangerous goods by ocean shipping to Saudi Arabia:

  1.  All dangerous goods unloaded at Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, must be cleared before unloading. Otherwise, the goods will be stranded on the ship and unloading is not allowed.

  2. For goods whose destination port is Dammam or transiting via Dammam, correct and complete consignee information must be displayed on the bill of lading and manifest. The consignee’s company must be authentic effective.

  3. ROHS reports are required for battery exports to Saudi Arabia.

  4. The label must be printed on the product. Pasting is not acceptable.

  5. The outer packaging and products must be printed “made in china”, if it is “made in PRC”, it is not allowed.





How to Shipping from China to Amman, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Iran in the Middle East?

 Because each country in the Middle East has its customs and cultural characteristics, it has different import and export goods requirements. The following mainly take Iraq and Oman as examples:


Precautions for shipping from China to the Middle East:

 1) The total amount of cargo at various points on the Middle East route is rigorous. Many shipping companies start to charge overweight fees for small containers over 14 tons, and many shipping companies do not accept bookings for cargo over 20 tons. Therefore, heavy load needs to confirm the weight limit from the shipping agent in China.

 2) When packing, pay attention to the packing method of colour and style: Single items packing or mixed packing, mixed inner box or assorted outer box. All goods are printed with “MADE IN CHINA” .



Instructions for importing from China to Oman

 (1) Tariffs

Except for the following Oman imports, which are subject to corresponding import tariffs under the following conditions, all Omani imports are levied at 5% of the value of the CIF price.


 (2) Duty-free goods include:

 . Livestock

 . Fresh, ice, frozen meat and offal of edible livestock (except pork)

 . All kinds of fresh milk, sterilized milk, milk powder except flavored milk

 . Ghee

 . Seeds

 . Saplings

 . fresh vegetables

 . Cement

 . Fresh fruits other than bananas and dates

 . Tea

 . Rice, wheat, flour, barley, corn

 . Various cooking oils and fats (except artificial shortening and lard)

 . Sugar

 . Products extracted from petroleum

 . Special pesticides for agriculture

 . All kinds of printed books, newspapers, magazines, periodicals, maps, engineering drawings

 . Agricultural machinery and tools

 . legal tender

 . Gold bars and coins

 . Feed

 . Goods imported by the government.

 . According to the certificate of origin issued by the relevant agency, products produced in the Gulf Cooperation Council countries are exempt from import duties.


 (3) Commodities subject to protective tariffs and tax rates

 1) Dried limes (100%)

 2) Date palm (20%)

 3) Fresh bananas (25%)


 (4) High-tariff products and tax rates

 1) Special types of meat and meat products (100% pork)

 2) All kinds of alcoholic beverages (100%)

 3) A tariff of 100% of the value of imported tobacco and its products shall be imposed, and shall not be lower than the following values:

 Raw tobacco or unprocessed tobacco and its products (2 rial/kg)

 Tobacco crushed, pressed or processed (6 riyals/kg [net weight])

 Cigarettes (10 rials per thousand sticks)

 Cigar (20 rials/kg [including packaging])


 (5) Items restricted or prohibited from import

 . Weapons and Ammunition

 . Fake weapons, fake pistols and other tools that can be converted into real weapons

 . firecrackers

 . Pornographic publications, pictures, books, cards, recordings, pens, pencils, toys, imitations and other indecent items

 . Any newspaper, publication, advertisement, book or picture that attempts to incite violence in the country

 . All kinds of textiles printed with banknotes, money orders or securities issued by the government of Oman or other governments

 . Clothing similar to military uniforms

 . Women’s panties with Quranic verses

 . Indecent clothing

 . Costumes with pictures of celebrities or flags of other countries

 . Omani hat (Komass) printed with Omani royal coat of arms (crown and dagger) or any vocabulary, letters (excluding numbers) and pictures that violate Omani traditions

 . Anything that attacks Islam.

 . A stick similar to the Omani police officer’s scepter

 . Tyres and footwear with the name “Allah” printed on the Almighty Allah

 . Royal Coat of Arms

 . Items bearing the Nazi emblem

 . Clothes or electric lights printed with “Allah is not the Lord, but Allah” or the name of Allah Almighty “Allah”

 . Fireworks, firecrackers, weapons and pistols for children

 . Spare tire covers with patterns, phrases or portraits that are indecent or contrary to Omani traditions

 . Any other items prohibited by the laws or resolutions of the relevant agency


If you want to find the best shipping from China to Saudi Arabia ways. As the best China sourcing company, we can help you import from China to The Middle East.

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