What kind of 1688 Shipping Agents Do You Need?

Oct 20, 2023 Chapter 5. Shipping

1688.com is a Chinese b2b website for drop shipping and wholesale, but 1688.com’s suppliers only ship within China.

If you buy from 1688.com, you will need an export agent or 1688 shipping agent to pick up your order from the supplier and deliver it to you.



It is very important that before sending your goods from China, you need to pack your goods strictly to reduce the risk of damage to the goods.

First, when do you need a 1688 agent?

Here are some specific situations where you may need a 1688 agent:

  • You are not located in China and cannot access 1688.com directly.

  • You do not speak Chinese and cannot communicate with Chinese suppliers.

  • You do not have the time or expertise to handle the buying process yourself.

  • You need to order a large quantity of products and want to negotiate the best possible price.

  • You need help with shipping and customs clearance.



However, I will delve deeper into when you might need a 1688 agent in this video:


1. Suppose you are customizing a refined product. In this case, you can enlist the help of a 1688 agent for certain tasks, such as pre-shipping inspections and supplier compliance verification. It’s not recommended to directly purchase products from 1688, as the quality is generally average. Here, the likelihood of needing a 1688 agent is relatively low; you might be better off with a product quality control or inspect agent.

2. If you have a large quantity with fewer SKUs, you can try communicating directly with the suppliers. While you may need a 1688 agent to help coordinate many things, you can negotiate discounts with them.

3. If you have a large number of SKUs linked with a small quantity, you undoubtedly need a 1688 agent. Regardless of the quantity, the agent needs to confirm the information for each product and assist in proper reporting. In this case, they may not offer discounted fees; instead, they might charge extra due to the excessive number of additional links.


What is 1688 Shipping Agent?

A “1688 shipping agent” is a service provider that specializes in helping individuals or businesses with the logistics and shipping aspects of sourcing products from the Chinese online marketplace 1688.com.

These agents offer services related to the transportation of products from suppliers in China to the destination of your choice.


Here’s a breakdown of the services typically provided by a 1688 shipping agent:


Service Description:

Product Shipping: 1688 shipping agents focus primarily on the transportation of products. They can arrange for the shipping of your orders from various suppliers on 1688.com to your desired destination, whether it’s within China or international.

Logistics and Freight Management: They handle the logistical aspects of shipping, which can include selecting the most cost-effective shipping methods, arranging for transportation, and coordinating the entire shipping process.

Customs Clearance: Many 1688 shipping agents are well-versed in the customs requirements and procedures for international shipments. They can help with customs documentation and clearance, ensuring a smooth transition through customs.

Warehousing: Some agents offer warehousing services for temporarily storing your products before shipping them out. This can be beneficial for consolidating multiple orders or managing inventory.

Shipping Cost Negotiation: Agents often have established relationships with shipping carriers and can negotiate better shipping rates on your behalf.

Tracking and Monitoring: They provide shipment tracking and monitoring services, so you can keep tabs on the status of your orders.

Insurance Options: Many 1688 shipping agents can help you arrange insurance for your shipments to protect against loss or damage during transit.

Consolidation: Some agents offer consolidation services where they combine multiple orders from different suppliers into a single shipment, potentially saving on shipping costs.



What Kind of 1688 Shipping Agents Do You Need?



Type Service Description Price

1688 Agent Service

– Inspection of products, contacting suppliers, consolidation shipments Commission based on product value

1688 Shipping Agent

– Product shipping only Typically, most agents charge for product shipping

1688 Drop Shipping

– Collecting and managing inventory

– Single-item drop shipping

Per product shipping fee

1688 Collection Agent

– Payment and collection services Charge 3-5% commission on the product value

1688 Sourcing Agent

– Finding the most suitable suppliers Custom quotation based on specific requirements





The Complete Workflow of a 1688 Agent Typically Includes the Following Steps:

1. Requirement Confirmation:

• Communicate with the client to understand their procurement needs, including product types, quantities, and quality standards.

2. Supplier Screening:

• Evaluate the suppliers chosen by the client, considering factors such as credibility, product quality, and delivery time. If any illegitimate suppliers are identified, recommend better alternatives to the client.

3. Quoting and Negotiation:

• Assist in price negotiations based on the 1688 product links provided by the client, ensuring they secure the most favorable terms.

4. Sample Procurement and Inspection:

• Assist the client in purchasing samples, ensuring they meet quality standards. Samples may undergo on-site inspection or be verified through third-party services.

5. Contract Signing:

• Facilitate the signing of contracts between the client and the supplier, specifying key terms such as responsibilities, delivery times, and payment terms.

6. Payment Management:

• Manage payment transactions between the client and the supplier, ensuring funds safely reach the supplier and payments align with the agreed-upon contract. Typically, a 1688 agent may collect upfront fees for goods.

7. Goods Collection:

• Monitor the production process, ensuring timely delivery by the supplier and addressing any issues that may arise during production. Conduct quality control on bulk-produced items to meet client requirements. Collect and register client goods.

8. Logistics Coordination:

• Arrange product logistics and transportation based on client requirements. Assist in resolving any issues related to shipping, ensuring products reach their destination on time.


This comprehensive process ensures that a 1688 forwarder assists the client throughout the entire procurement journey, from understanding requirements to product delivery, ensuring a smooth and efficient purchasing process while safeguarding product quality and client interests.




Here are some 1688 shipping agents:

  • Supplyia: Buys from 1688.com for you, sends the goods to the supplyia warehouse in China, and then ships internationally to you.
  • Alibaba: Cheap1688 shipping agent that gets you good deals on shipping (without inspection).
  • Quacn: Do full quality check for 1688 products service.
  • CJ dropshipping: Fulfill your 1688 dropshipping orders from China.


When choosing a 1688 shipping agent, you can consider the following factors:

  • Communication skills
  • Transparency
  • Trustworthiness


A company that is too big will not be able to deal with trivial work like 1688 shipping services, and a company that is too small is likely to go bankrupt anytime.


Therefore, the best way to choose a good 1688 shipping agent is to chat with their employees. I mean the employees who are actually doing business with you, not the managers. See if the employee is experienced and patient enough with you.

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