Supplyia Sourcing FAQ

Supplyia sourcing service list

Our service includes:

  • Sourcing products
  • Suppliers verification & Factory auditing
  • Price and MOQ negotiation
  • Sample collection & quality inspection
  • Custom packaging
  • Custom product
  • Private label
  • Order follow-up
  • Products quality inspection
  • Products quality inspection
  • Products quality inspection
  • Logistics
  • Your customer representative in China

For more details please visit https://www.supplyia.com/our-services/pricing/

Will you be willing to share your factories Address and contacts?

Should you need it, we do provide supplier information at cost depending on your product complexity, ranging between $100-$600. The deadline is before you place the production order.


Why would we provide the supplier’s information to you?

Being your trusted business partner is the primary goal of our company.  We are always transparent with our service, price, and processes.


Why we charge you?

The reason we charge you for supplier’s information is because of our labor cost and effort to collect all different suppliers’ information and provide you the best options.


Why we cannot provide the supplier’s info after you placed the order?

We spent a lot of time and effort to build the supplier chain for you at that time point. A lot of hard work has been done and we hope this could be recognized.

I would also like to ask if you specialize in any specific area or department?

We have sourcing experience for all sorts of products, especially in the areas of homeware, jewelry, home textile, toys, etc. We have professional purchasing managers who can find competitive products for most customers.

How do you qualify the factory to make sure their products are on time for delivery and reliable?

We verify suppliers in many ways. We check their reputation on tianyancha, which is an enterprise’s credibility inquire platform, or on the Baidu search engine. And we will also see supplier’s store feedback on third marketplaces like Alibaba, 1688. etc.

Our customer representative will follow up orders in different stages of the production to make sure suppliers can deliver the order on time. Moreover, we tell suppliers all requirements before production and inspect the quality after production. Suppliers know we’re strict with quality and delivery time.


If there is already a free sourcing option in your plans should I start there and then look at the pro service.

Yes, you can start there and ask us to find one product first and see how you like our service first and decide whether you want a cooperation with us.

Do you accept the discount/kickback or referral fees from the factory?

Because of exchange loss, financial tax, etc, sometimes, it looks like that our price is a little bit higher than the factory’s price. However, in fact, our total price may still be lower than some suppliers and what you get from your paid price covers a lot more than you expected. Product quality is always the most important factor, then competitive price, especially for small orders. For big orders, typically, we can get a lower price from suppliers. Besides this, service (before, during, and after-sale) is also very important. We are not just helping you place the order, we are your customer representative in China, help you with all business matters (inspection, order follow up, communication, shipping, etc), and you don’t need to rent an office or hire employees in China to handle everything. It’s always convenient for you to have a reliable business partner outside your country,

Who would be listed as my supplier: you or the factory?

We may be listed as supplier, but if you have plan to visit China, we will be responsible for taking you to the factory and help you with the communication.

How do you qualify the factory to make sure their products and on time delivery are dependable? Are you familiar with the UE, EU 93/42 EEC certification I’m needing for this product? We would require certificate authentication with our Australian CE team.

We work with factories closely. We tracked the entire manufacturing process. Our staff will supervise the factory’s process to make sure each step went well so that the products and on-time delivery are dependable. In addition, because we have so many years of experience in sourcing, we know many factories well already. Absolutely, we have familiarized ourselves with all these certifications since we start our business.

How long have you or your company been working as a sourcing agent?

We started our business in 2013.

Are you specialized in sourcing beauty treatment equipment?

Honestly speaking, we are not specialized in sourcing beauty treatment equipment, but we have experience in this area and we have many years experience in different categories of other products.

How many days you will shipping goods out once you receive them.

We will take re-shipment inspectioin and shipping them out in 2 days.

Will you be able to give me a satisfy customer reference contact to check your work and background ?

Definitely we can give you some customers’ contact information for your reference.

Do you perform quality inspection or hire a Third party to do the inspection?

We have our own team to do the inspection.

Will I be assigned a person specific to me or is it a team?

There will be one person assigned to you for your case so your questions and inquiries will be always be taken care of efficiently.

How am I going to protect my payment if anything goes wrong when import from China

We totally understand your concern, unfortunately, it’s hard to guarantee that there are no defective products. There are couple of reasons. First of all, all factories/suppliers cannot guarantee 100% of the products are good during manufacture. Second, there is a chance that some products can be damaged during the shipment. Since the manufacturers/suppliers typically don’t take any responsibility once the products are shipped out, so it’s hard for us to take that responsibility too. However, we do our best to minimize the chance of having a significant amount of defective products shipped out. We do pre-shipment inspection carefully to check the quality and if anything is found, we will try to communicate with the manufacturer/supplier before goods shipped out.

Why choose supplyia as your China sourcing agent?

Supplyia provides more professional and higher standard sourcing services than other sourcing agents. We act as a 100% trusted agent fully investing our time and efforts to ensure you access reliable suppliers so that you can get the correct products at a reasonable price. In addition, what makes us different compared to other sourcing agents is our transparency.

We offer the best service to help our customers to handle various kinds of tasks in their business, such as market research, quality control, pre-shipment inspection, customs clearance, and supplier network development. Overall, the most important thing is with our help, you can save time, minimize costs, get high quality product and maximize profits.

Your investment of hiring us as your agent actually reduces your overall expense in long term. We believe we will be your best choice and best partner in China!

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