Private Label Brands

Private Label Brands

Develop Your Own Private Label Brands  


Supplyia sourcing serves as your long term sourcing partner for different business models. We will provide our private label brands service to support your business growth. Because we believe in “Be Together Grow Together.”

Small-scale business priavte label brands setup: 


Whether you are having a small-scale business or a larger one, your business’s primary requirement is to find a sourcing agent, which could be a difficult task. And it is totally dependent on your company/business size and also on the type of product you want to source. Maybe you want to source for some off the shelf products or some custom products. It is your choice: our private label brands services.


But the main aim is to find a reputable sourcing agent. And it would get more challenging to find a sourcing agent if you are dealing with small orders. As per rule, no company would sell a smaller amount of product to an agent nor directly to you. But no worries you have us, Supplyia sourcing a private label China-based sourcing agent, and we reside in Yiwu.


We are the best team of professionals, and we mainly focus on small order products of different kinds. Our services include:

  1. Quotations
  2. Plant audits
  3. Supply chain management
  4. Quality management


We will provide our best services in the categories, as mentioned above, even though you have a small order. We also offer budget costing, which will save your precious time, and you remain tense-free.


Output / product expansion (private label brands):


If you are all set to start a new business, and your mind is full of ideas, but still want to give up, why? Due to no or lack of experience? Don’t worry; we are here to help you if you have a perfect development plan and enough budget, although you have zero experience.


What will we do to help you?


We can help you in many ways, from the cost of each product for mass production to advising on various packaging materials and crafts. We will provide our services for free. Once you have found a suitable factory, you may confirm any further details that need to be modified. And here comes us. We will help you in arranging mass production, their packaging and also transportation.


We have done many projects for kickstart and crowdfunding. If we talk about our work, we helped them in achieving their dream target for extensive production. Our one of the most successful projects was the Baby Blendy Bottle. We helped the owner of this product from Miami to create this chargeable, self-stirring bottle that you can easily clean and disassembled.


This project was started with some rough drawings and models provided by the owner. Our professional team then worked day and night to contact some best factories. Ultimately, we found one who helped us in redesigning all the parts, components, and circuits of the bottle to achieve a substantial low-cost production.


Medium to broad-sized private label brands business:


If you have over $500,000 annual budget for purchasing and all you want is a wide variety of products. It will be the best if you found some suppliers through Alibaba or Canton fair, which is going to be a hectic task. That is the point where you exactly need a sourcing company. So what are you waiting for? Ask Supplyia sourcing to help you out in handling the supply chain within China.


For medium and broad sized businesses, we have a professional team of 20 persons who are fully aware of the facts to support your business needs. We not only source different suppliers for your products but also recommend you the latest top-selling products as per your business needs. We also offer a better payment service like cash on delivery (COD).


For instance, Supplyia sourcing helped an E-commerce company develop a private label brands  in Europe. And with our help, the company was able to raise its annual purchase volume from $500,000 to almost three million in just good three years.


E-commerce private label brands: 


Data analysis showed that around 80% of the total customers of Supplyia sourcing are associated with the E-commerce business. Like amazon sellers and Shopify owners. 75% of those sellers need private label brands services.


And most clients need to have their private label and customized packaging. However, the trial amount of the product is too small to be customized by the factory. In this situation, Supplyia sourcing will provide their best help to customize your product even less than a MOQ of 100.


Now, we also provide amazon FBA prep service. We would like to help our customers by putting product stickers and barcodes. Also, we provide services to ship your products directly to Amazon warehouses or any other centers all around the world. We also help you in inspecting your products separately to get a 5-star review.


In the future, you should learn about finding a niche product, driving external traffic, and building a trust private label brands that can exist outside the confines of Amazon.

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private label brands
private label brands
private label brands