How Sourcify Help You Find a Chinese Manufacturing Company

Mar 09, 2021 Chapter 1. Sourcing

The most difficult part of running a factory is to win new customers. Although there are many exhibitions to participate in, the transaction rate is often very low, and even declining year by year, because the market competition is getting more and more intense.

Even on the Alibaba platform, the conversion rate of inquiries received by a typical manufacturer is only 2-4%. It will cost a lot of money to display your factory on these websites, and it will also require the sales team to spend a long time communicating and negotiating with Western customers to gradually convert potential customers into real customers.

Here is a new way for buyers and Chinese suppliers to find each other. 



What is Sourcify and how does Sourcify work?

Sourcify is a rapidly growing American company. Based in San Diego. They help thousands of American companies find suitable foundry factories and have project management tools that can connect customer companies and factories to help customers solve production and operation problems.

The success rate of the factory cooperation recommended by Sourcify to the client company is 95%. Because the client company has paid Sourcify to hope that they can refer to the appropriate factory, Sourcify will not charge the factory anymore.

This new method is very useful for factories to acquire customers, and it is free and has many advantages:

It is very easy to register on Sourcify. The factory only needs to register on the Sourcify platform, and Sourcify will send an email to the factory after receiving the request from the client company. They mainly send out inquiries to the factory based on the product category, so the inquiries received by the factory are all about similar products produced in their factory.



Sourcify reviews

Companies that have used Sourcify said that the user experience is very good. They are concise and clear, which reduces many negotiation links involved in the production process. There are 2 main advantages to using Sourcify. 


Direct communication

Unlike sourcing agents and wholesalers, Sourcify allows client companies to directly communicate with the factory, allowing the factory to talk directly with the client company that is looking for products in the same category.

The client company pays Sourcify, hoping that the platform can recommend suitable factories to them. The main reference indicators are product category, order quantity, materials, and production quality. If your factory meets the customer’s specifications, Sourcify can directly introduce you to the customer company.



One of the main reasons Western client companies trust Sourcify is because they ensure that every manufacturer on the platform is legal. This means that Sourcify has no fraud. They will conduct due diligence on every manufacturer on the platform. When registering, manufacturers only need to answer some questions and pass the inspection to become a member of their platform.


sourcify vs supplyia

Supplyia vs Sourcify 

After you use Sourcify to find a Chinese supplier, supplyia can help you to conduct a full product inspection service before shipment. This will ensure that the products you receive are 100% perfect.



Sourcify: Find a supplier in China


Supplyia: Source a product/find a supplier in China, product inspection, shipment



Now, More and more Western companies are looking for factories in China. Sourcify’s ability to connect factories and client companies is really exciting. Companies around the world will soon find unprecedented top factories after try Sourcify.

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