How to find a sourcing agent in china?

Will you be willing to share your factories Address and contacts?

We don’t provide factory’s information to the customers. Sorry about that.

Will I be assigned a person specific to me or is it a team?

There will be one person assigned to you for your case so your questions and inquiries will be always be taken care of efficiently.

How long have you or your company been working as a sourcing agent?

We started our business in 2013.

Are you specialized in sourcing beauty treatment equipment?

Honestly speaking, we are not specialized in sourcing beauty treatment equipment, but we have experience in this area and we have many years experience in different categories of other products.

Will you be able to give me a satisfy customer reference contact to check your work and background ?

Definitely we can give you some customers’ contact information for your reference.

How do you qualify the factory to make sure their products and on time delivery are dependable? Are you familiar with the UE, EU 93/42 EEC certification I’m needing for this product? We would require certificate authentication with our Australian CE team.

We work with the factories closely. We tracked the entire manufacturing process. Our staff will supervise factory’s process to make sure each step went well so that the products and on time delivery are dependable. In addition, because we have so many years experience in sourcing, we know many factories well already.         Yes, we are familiar with all these certifications you mentioned.

Do you perform quality inspection or hire a Third party to do the inspection?

We have our own team to do the inspection.

If there is already a free sourcing option in your plans should I start there and then look at the pro service.

Yes, you can start there and ask us to find one product first and see how you like our service first and decide whether you want a cooperation with us.

Do you accept the discount or referral fees from the factory?

We don’t accept discount or referral fees from the factory. Honestly speaking, for most of regular volume orders, it’s us asking the factory to accept the order, not the factory giving us benefit.

Who would be listed as my supplier: you or the factory?

We may be listed as supplier, but if you have plan to visit China, we will be responsible for taking you to the factory and help you with the communication.

How many days you will shipping goods out once you receive them.

We will take re-shipment inspectioin and shipping them out in 2 days.