How China Sourcing Agent Help you Import from China (Case study 01)

Jan 17, 2022 Chapter 1. Sourcing

Supplyia Typical Case Study(ODM/OEM)


1. Mary is a brick-and-mortar seller from Australia who wants to sell a combination product in his store and also needs to be listed on the US Amazon marketplace. The product is from a different supplier. This is definitely a good idea to increase the competitiveness of the kit product. 

supplyia quotation




2. However, developing this product will take a lot of time and effort, as it requires negotiating the schedule with different suppliers and different sourcing materials. This was a challenge. This was why Mary contacted us (Sometimes, we also recommend those buyers who have simple products with precise quantities to buy directly from Alibaba or AliExpress, which can help you save some money and move fast).


3. Our salesmen get products quotations from different suppliers based on Mary’s target price. Because Mary’s products are customized, we also help her design the packaging box(Why do you need a target price? A reasonable target price can quickly help us lock in the product quality level you want).


5. After Mary’s satisfaction with the price, we started buying the samples from different suppliers and developing the template samples for the package(We need the guest to pay for the sample fees). 


6. After collecting Mary’s samples, we put everything together and sent them out. We think this step is important. Although you will pay money on shipping, it is an unavoidable step.


7. Mary took 7 days to receive the samples. After confirming the sample was good, we charged a 50%-100% deposit to start the order(If you are not satisfied with the product samples you received, we will re-develop the product for you and send it to you again).

China sourcing agent fee




8. We signed a production agreement with the factory and then placed the order. We kept close contact with the factory to keep an eye on the production of the goods. Note, that the delay is sometimes uncontrollable by many factors. For example, if the factory says that it will be completed in 1 month, then you plan to complete it in at least 40 days.


9. when the factory goods are completed. We need Mary to pay the remaining balance. Remember that Mary’s products all come from different factories. Yes, this is the time to help the customer collect different products in our warehouse. 




10. When the products are collected, Mary chose our one-to-one inspection service to check each product’s appearance to avoid defects to bring bad reviews and returns. As we mentioned in our previous article, the cost of such a 100% inspection is relatively reasonable. When defective products are found, we will return them to the factory. When Mary’s product inspection is completed, we will assemble the product. Also, according to Amazon’s requirements, stick various labels and insert warning cards…

supplyia case study



11. When all the goods were packed, we put various required labels on the outside of the box. Shipping is charged based on the total weight of the product. To save shipping costs, Mary chose our DDP ocean shipping service and pay for it.

supplyia case study



12. When everything was finished, we sent the goods out and gave Mary the tracking number. At the same time, we continued to track the transportation of this shipment so that it could arrive in time.supplyia customer review


13. The whole process may take 1-3 months, so be patient. It is not an easy job for everyone. But when you place the order for the second time, everything will become very simple. We hope that you will gain a sense of accomplishment from it.


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